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IMPACT 2023:
Innovation of the Year Award


Our mission is to enable seamless telepathic communication between humans and AI.

Revolutionising Human-AI Interactions.

At MindPortal, we’re shaping the future of human-AI communication. No more typing, clicking, or speaking. Simply think. Our cutting-edge technology enables humans to communicate with AI using thoughts, pioneering a world where telepathic communication with AI via neural interfaces are the norm.

Neural Interface Definition:

A neural interface, also known as a brain-computer interface, empowers direct communication between the human mind and external digital platforms. With MindPortal’s groundbreaking, non-invasive technology, we’re pioneering the future of human-AI telepathic communication.

The AI

As AI evolves, becoming more sophisticated and inching closer to AGI (Artificial General Intelligence), our methods of interaction must keep pace.

Using slow, cumbersome communication tools (like typing) with such advanced systems would be akin to trying to navigate a spaceship using bicycle handles. Depth, nuance, and full fidelity in conveying our ideas become paramount. A constrained communication channel inevitably hampers the full spectrum of benefits we might draw from these systems.

"Difficulty getting your thoughts across will soon cease to exist."

Ekram Alam, Co-founder & CEO at MindPortal

Neural Interface
MindPortal is pioneering a non-surgical wearable which enables telepathic communication between humans and AI.
[Images shown are a rendering of a potential future design].

Telepathic Communication with AI Through Advanced Neural Interfaces.

MindPortal develops state-of-the-art, non-invasive neural interfaces which bypass traditional speech and text inputs, connecting directly to the very fabric of human cognition.

Our neural interface is designed to allow users to engage with AI with real-time thought. The result? A bitrate of information transfer which renders traditional methods obsolete.

MindPortal has developed a successful proof of concept device which facilitates thought-to-text dialogues with leading-edge AI platforms like ChatGPT. The user thinks in sentences and their imagined speech is telepathically relayed to the AI.

While “brain-machine interfaces” often evoke visions of invasive measures, MindPortal’s technology is being built with human anatomy, personal privacy and safety in mind. Leveraging the brain’s topographical evolution, we extract necessary information from surface layers, eliminating the need for invasive procedures. This ensures our approach is not only revolutionary but also accessible.

Our Philosophy


We are optimistic about the future of AI and the development of artificial general intelligence.


We believe that technology has the ability to expand human capabilities and potential.


We believe that a future where humans and AI work symbiotically has the potential to herald a golden era which benefits humanity.


We think that by improving the bandwidth between humans and AI e.g. through human-AI telepathic communication, we can expand the potential of this symbiotic relationship.


By doing so, we think that humanity will advance towards a future of ever expanding possibilities and abundance.

Scrum Connect
The founders of MindPortal during a live Q&A in Tokyo, Japan, answering questions about human-AI telepathy.

Our Investors

Y Combinator

MindPortal is the first brain computer interface company to be funded by YC

This fund was the first money in for Oculus VR, and wrote MindPortals first cheque as well
Kleiner Perkins
The New York Times described Kleiner Perkins as “perhaps Silicon Valley’s most famous venture firm”
Led MindPortal’s seed round
Luke Iseman

Luke Iseman

Former Director of Hardware at Y Combinator
Julie Zhuo

Julie Zhuo

Former VP of Product Design at Meta
Dan Siroker

Dan Siroker

Director of Analytics for the Obama Presidential Campaign, Co-founder of Optimizely, Co-founder & CEO of Rewind AI
Matthew Bellamy

Matthew Bellamy

2x Grammy award winning rockstar and frontman of Muse
James Park

James Park

Co-founder and CEO of Fitbit, acquired by Google. At the time, Fitbits IPO was the biggest consumer electronics IPO in history

Julie Zhuo

“I am blown away by what MindPortal is aiming to do… imagining a world in which every individual can express their ideas in full fidelity without the loss in translation, is just thrilling.

Julie Zhuo
Former VP of Product Design at Facebook

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